This is a project about healthy style of life, sports activities, outdoor, nature, health, history... and will be developed during different school subjects and disciplines. The partnership language is English, and all the partners understand how important it is to learn and speak languages to communicate with others, and improve the motivation  to develop their language skills. Every school must prepare a trekking route in  their own country. This trekking route must include  cultural/historical or naturalistic places  The partnership aims at incorporating to the curriculum the practice of some physical activities related to the trekking-hiking and preparing   important trekking routes specific for  every country, and connected with the country’s historical background and  cultural values.  Our aim is to  prepare, plan, and use the routes.  Differents tasks (maps, food, drink, clothes, information...) will be  developed bydifferentgroups of students.
The project stems from the educational possibilities offered by pathways, hiking trails or otheroutdoor activities .All the schools will share the experience  with the partner institutions and their  local communities.  The partners   can share sports experiences and  cultural /historical heritage with people from other countries and, at the same time, practise different languages and will work on ICT skills about contents of hiking .The project promotes tolerance towards other cultures and nations,  and it helps to  learn more about partner countries and get rid of their stereotypes. In the activities we will involve all the students,  adjusting them to different skills and abilities,and increases team building skills, attitude, kindness, empathy in preparation and making specific hiking in group. pdfpdf









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